Complete Mobile Automotive Mechanic Repairs 1-800-305-9369

The initial diagnostic service is only $65. On site service with high tech diagnostics tools in hand. I can find problems from starting to running properly. I can check the charging system and a multitude of other diagnostics tests. I try to use what ever I need so that I can diagnose your automobile. Call Today Or Click for Quote Request form.

Get piece of mind knowing what you are buying. Starting at $65, you get a 55 point inspection that focuses on engine compartment, driveability and safety. We can intensify your inspection by adding a radiator pressure check or compression check. Don't get stuck in a Lemon, let us take a look.

The computer diagnostics services come at a very affordable price. When you can't get you computer codes out or you need to pass deq I have the solution. Call today and have this service done for only $45. Print out is available upon request.

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